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Well Dressings


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How to get there

Uttoxeter is located just off the A50 between Derby and Stoke-on-Trent.

CAR: except on market days, there is time limited parking in the Market Place; otherwise use the town car parks.

SATNAV: ST14 8HP    Show Marker  marker
This is a convenient nearby postcode that can be entered into your car’s satnav. It is not necessarily the postcode where the dressings are located

BUS: Mondays to Saturdays: one or two services per hour from Burton-upon-Trent; hourly from Ashbourne, Derby and Hanley; approximately hourly from Stafford. Sundays: every 2 hours from Burton-upon-Trent.
For bus services in Derby, Derbyshire and the Peak District, see the Derbyshire Public Transport website. Various Day Tickets are available giving unlimited travel during the day on buses (and in some cases trains) in the relevant area. For bus services outside Derbyshire see Traveline.

TRAIN: Mondays to Saturdays and Sunday afternoons: hourly from Derby, Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe. Sunday mornings: no service.
For details of train services and tickets, see National Rail Enquiries.

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